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  • Peruvian Crafts, Archaeology and Agroecology in Lurin Valley, 1h from Lima

    From Lima we will head to Lurin Valley via the Panamerica Sur road. In here, we will visit Ichimay Wari craftsmen association where you will be able to observe and take part in crafts production such as ceramics, retable and weaves.

    Lurin is also famous for being located next to the Prehispanic Sanctuary of Pachacamac, one of the most important archeological sites in Peru, which construction started back from the 6th century until the end of the Inca Empire time in the 16th century. Through all time, the complex had been a major religious place of the pre Columbian Andean times honoring Pachacamac God. Many important temples have been identified in Pachacamac ruins such as the Temple of the Sun or the Old Temple.

    During this journey, we will also visit the “Casa Blanca” ranch where they produce and study ecological agriculture and agro tourism. They use a Biodigester, a system which stocks organic material and creates greenhouse methane gas made of guinea pig manure which contributes to biodiversity conservation and ecological agriculture. This sustainable agricultural alternative is one of the best for growing healthy organic food.

    Only one hour from Lima, come and visit Lurin Valley to learn local handicraft technics, to discover Pachacamac Sanctuary and to visit Casa Blanca agroecological farm.

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