7 charities to travel smart in Peru



Whether your trip is cultural, athletic, gastronomic, escape from routine, diversion or even aimless, opt for a “smart” travel: wherever you go we must respect its own standard of conduct in the country and its environment. It is an alternative mode of tourism that we share with among others, the Baltimore community in the Amazon rainforest in southeastern Peru. It is in the respect of the heritage and cultural immersion that we learn the most, on the world, the organization of humanity and oneself. It is also going out of its comfort zone; remember what we have and what we really need.


There are many volunteering opportunities in Peru: education, social services, support for working women, protection of nature reserves, animals. The Medical Graduate students can also volunteer with their science knowledge in Peruvian hospitals, existential tourism (tourism where we help communities on daily works, another name to speak of sustainable tourism, eco-responsible… smart… alternative!) is widespread in the country… There’s a lot of choices! To start, here are 6 associations:


1. Conservamos Por Naturaleza – Lima and throughout the country


The Peruvian Conservamos por Naturaleza support people who want to create initiatives by providing an environmentally responsible lifestyle. They create networks so that all citizens and organizations can collaborate in conservation projects by donating their talents. They make sure that sustainable projects are viable with the promotion of eco -business and government initiatives.

I invite you to watch their videos as well as track their events around Peru, because all of us can participate. They work with some major brands such as National Geographic, Patagonia, Columbia, and have created several associations in parallel such as LOOP, enemy n1 of plastic consumption in Peru and another one named Hazla.


2. Hazla – Lima


The association was founded in 2010 by young Peruvians. It mainly engages in the cleaning of Peruvian beaches. Bring your gloves, a trash bag and go! You can register for help here in Lima and around Peru.




3.Wilka Yachay – Q’eros


Hannah Rae Porst thought of this association in 2010 Q’eros while living among this community to do research on the relationship between globalization and indigenous culture. She did not know how to thank his host family, they asked him soccer shoes , but she found it more useful to offer them a school. She then founded Wilka Ychay (« sacred knowledge ” in Quechua ) . In 2012 the official NGO Wilka Yachay is created.


solar panel


4.Latitud Sur – Peru, México and Ecuador


LATITUD SUR is a Peruvian non-governmental organization, Ecuadorian and Mexican development, seeking to strengthen the autonomy and self-management capacity of indigenous communities of the Upper Amazon territories (Peru – Ecuador) and Mexico. They offer communities alternatives enhancing their knowledge of sustainable development and integrate traditional medicine into health services and primary education. In collaboration with Latitud Sur, Pachamama offers cruises to the Selva Viva, and thus participates in the reforestation project in the devastated areas of the Amazon. More information http://pachamamaturismo.org/fr/package/cruceros-iquitos/ travel



5. Alto Peru– Lima


“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, unite people as little else can do it … The sport is stronger than governments to break down social barriers. ” Nelson Mandela

altosurfkidsinthestreets illu


Young Peruvian deal to create sports and cultural spaces for children from disadvantaged Alto Peru Chorrillos district to : Muay thai , breakdancing , art and surfing. Volunteers surfers lend their equipment and the association is responsible to bring young people to the ocean.


6.Bioagricultura Casablanca – Lurin


Every Saturday from 8 am to 15h, the Miraflores market offers local products and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in season. In this market we find the Bioagricultura Casablanca stand, the pair of Peruvian agronomists working on a hectare of land. Pachamama offers guided day trips with lunch of organic products of the farm Ulises Moreno y Carmen Felipe Morales. They also have in part created the RAE Peru (Ecological Agriculture Network in Peru) an organization working family organic agriculture and adaptation to climate change in Peru.Captura de pantalla (14)


7.Bartolomé de las Casas Center – Cuzco


The Bartolomé de las Casas Institute is a civil association nonprofit , founded in 1974 by the Peruvian theologian Gustavo Gutiérrez and a group of Catholic professionals to contribute to the process of liberation and human development in Peru for the Christian perspective the preferential option for the poor.

Initially, the Centre has set an ambitious goal: to promote the progress of the study and knowledge of the Andean world and its complexities historical , cultural, social , linguistic and economic . The Centre has become a place of reference , debate and exchange.

Pachamama – Alternative Tourism invites you to discover these Andean environments in alliance with the Bartolomé de las Casas Centre and local communities and Quishuarani Choquecancha on Route Weavers


centro bartolome de las casas


If you hesitate , can’t or do not want to belong to an association but want to help , you can simply make small actions that will change dramatically : buy local and ensure that it products fair trade take public transport , take her own bag to not take the plastic bags stores, save water and electricity, to recovery instead of buying new … like say our friends in Quebec , few help is good!


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