The Latin American Catalogue of Rural Community-based Tourism is ready!

The Latin American Catalogue of Rural Community-based Tourism in which Pachamama Turismo Alternativo invites you to explore Peru is ready.

Alba Sud, Catalan association specialized in Research and Communication for Development publishes, with the collaboration of 16 Latin American tour operators, the first Latin American Catalogue of Rural Community-based Tourism.


After over a year of preparation and work, Alba Sud publishes a catalogue to know Latin America through its people. Its objective is to increase the communication possibilities for a touristic offer with more and more demand. A unique tourism with great value, organised by the community for its inhabitants benefit and its visitants enjoyment.

What is Rural Community-based Tourism?

Rural community-based tourism is a growing reality in Latin America. Cooperatives, families of farmers, native communities, groups of women and various communitarian initiatives were collectively organised in order to complete and diversify their revenues, by offering new turistic activities. Through these forms of organisation, the communities are the ones responsibles and decide in a sovereign way how is organised the touristic activity in their territories.

Thanks to rural community-based tourism, the visitor can discover new realities from the inhabitants of the communities. The trip therefore becomes a possibility to share experiences through contact with people who not only live from and for tourism. That makes every offer unique and much more complete in experiences and learning. The rural community-based tourism is an opportunity to revalue the rural communities´ culture, and get a closer look to the knowledge acquired during years. What´s better than knowing a place through people living in it!

Pachamama and the sustainable and alternative tourism


Local tour operator created in 2001, Pachamama Turismo Alternativo promotes a responsible, sustainable and alternative tourism in Peru. We are a member of the CIAP family, an association of Peruvian craftsmen which stands for fair trade, microcredit and sustainable tourism.

Pachamama Turismo Alternativo, and the tour operators included in the Catalogue can offer you a complete service in each country, or provide information about the rural community-based tourism that they develop. Discover the alternative experiences that we offer.

Two or more programmes by country are presented in the Catalogue, along with the contact details of each operator, the country´s main highlights, and information of interest to organise your travel. Go and discover it! Download it here