What to remember from Lima COP 20

You’ve heard about it in the media, Lima was in the spotlight of the world’s cameras, the first half of December 14. Officials from 196 countries gathered at the Lima COP 20 to decide on the environmental future of our beautiful planet and came to establish a consensus on climate issues for the next 50 years.

What about the results and consequences of all this? Up session.

Lima COP 20, what is it?

Lima COP 20 is the 20th Conference of the UN Convention on Climate Change. It is in line with previous global summits organized by the UN after the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, 5 years after the failure of Copenhagen, the Lima Conference aims to set a global agreement to fight against global warming to be signed in Paris next year.


Key points of the Conference this year?

A majority of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), several Latin American countries, Malaysia and China have disagreed on many points of a first proposal, including participation in contributions to the fight against climate change. In fact the will of an international undifferentiated treaty induced a failure in taking into account the loss and damages that can undergo many countries because of climate change (droughts and floods that ravaged countries in development). As negotiations resumed because it can result from COP 20 one consensus validated by all of these states. The North-South divide is revealed again and without consensus, a new proposal must be “arranged”. Releasers testifie while “half the delegates, such as the press, have deserted”

The results?

Timid commitment to reduce Greenhouse Gas set out to try to contain the temperature rise to 2 • C by 2100. And many NGOs blaming “A text falls light years of the goals and ambitions trumpeted days earlier. »

Some also reveal a total blur on the financing channels set up to reach 100 billion annual aid by 2020.

Important points:

The importance according to Laurent Fabius, who is already preparing the Paris COP 21, to “reduce by 15% greenhouse gas emissions | in the future international agreement | and divide it by 3 in 2050”.

That large firms are more daring than 196 gathered because they have understood that they can´t do business without sustainable planet.

That “there is no plan B, because there is no Planet B” – Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary Génerale

The event “Cumbre de los Pueblos” margins of COP 20, held December, 10 through Lima to lobby decision-makers during the COP20, by requiring official negotiators to consider the growing voice of citizens and peoples of the world.

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